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Casos de Estudio

Estos son algunos casos de estudio


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Whitewater Whitewater

Tamaño: 72.22 kB

VSEP removes fibers, fines and fillers from paper mill whitewater and provides a filtrate suitable for reuse.

Waste Oil Recycling Waste Oil Recycling

Tamaño: 676.28 kB

VSEP recycles used motor oil at 90°C providing a filtrate suitable for use as marine grade diesel fuel or lube oil feedstock.

RO Reject (brine) RO Reject (brine)

Tamaño: 2.17 MB

VSEP takes reverse osmosis where it has never been before, further concentrating RO reject (brine) streams to increase overally recovery to 99%.

Produced Water Produced Water

Tamaño: 683.55 kB

VSEP filters produced water, saving money while protecting the environment.

Precious Metals Recovery Precious Metals Recovery

Tamaño: 370.55 kB

VSEP provides crystal clear permeate and recovers precious metals from the mining leachate at 97% recovery.

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